Establishing an Endowment

The HCBF anticipates its continuation of support for Law Students from our community for many years to come.  This is only possible through future endowments.

The Foundation welcomes gifts designated for the Scholarship Program, subject to a gift of $15,000.00.  These funds will carry the name of the donor or grants from these funds will be made in the name of the donor.  Gifts to the Hudson County Bar Foundation are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.   The foundation encourages gifts of cash, appreciated securities, retirement funds assets, real estate and life insurance policies.  Each year, the growth of your endowment is used in the Foundations grant making process.

Those who take a leadership role through the making of a significant contribution are honored at the HCBF Scholarship Dinner which is held in June of each year.  We urge all members of the bar to remember the HCBF when leaving their legacy or preparing wills for their clients who wish to make a charitable contribution.

If you are interested in establishing an endowment, please contact Gerald Baker, Esq. at Tel: (201)659-2635

  1. Nathan Baker, Esq.
  2. Abraham Beer, Esq.
  3. Hon. William J. Brennan, Jr.
  4. Robert J. Carluccio, Esq.
  5. Carl Castaldo, Esq.
  6. Cresenzi W. Castaldo, Esq.
  7. Hon. Robert F. Cavanaugh
  8. Timothy P. Cavanaugh
  9. Benjamin H. Chodash, Esq.
  10. Cara Corbo, Esq.
  11. Benjamin Darling, Esq. and Marcella Darling
  12. Arthur L. Dickson, Esq.
  13. Hon. John F. Drewen
  14. Milton Garber, Esq.
  15. Hon. Marie L. Garibaldi
  16. Hon. John J. Grossi, Sr., Esq.
  17. Frank J. Guarini, Sr., Esq.
  18. Hon. Frank Hahn
  19. Hon. August W. Heckman
  20. Eileen Kenna, Esq.
  21. Hon. Victor S. Kilkenny
  22. Kathryn and Jonathan Koles
  23. Jeffrey S. Laden, Esq.
  24. Aaron Last, Esq.
  25. Hon. Abraham Lieberman
  1. Hon. Seymour Margulies
  2. James J. McMahon
  3. Adrian Michaelson, Esq.
  4. Abraham Miller, Esq.
  5. Anita Miller
  6. Lester Miller, Esq.
  7. Samuel & Pauline Miller
  8. Anna Marie V. Paterno, Esq.
  9. Marvel S. Platoff, Sr., Esq.
  10. Malcolm J. Robbins, Esq.
  11. Hon. Horace Roberson
  12. Hon. James Rosen
  13. Harold J. Ruvoldt, Sr., Esq.
  14. Jeffrey Miles Saportin, Esq.
  15. F. Ida Schnitzer, Esq.
  16. Herman Siperstein, Esq.
  17. William S. Stuhr, Esq.
  18. Hon. Shirley A. Tolentino I
  19. Hon. Shirley A. Tolentino II
  20. Anne Drelich-Tulipan, Esq.
  21. Philip Tulipan, Esq.
  22. Hon. Joseph S. Verga
  23. David A. Waters, Esq.
  24. Walrod / D’Amico
  25. Hon. Cecil R. Woolsey